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SunFX Professional Spray-On Tan


SunFX is natural sunless tanning alternative, providing perfect coverage every time. The solutions are a unique combination of Organic, Natural and Hypo-Allergenic ingredients that deliver the perfect spray tan, all while nourishing and hydrating the skin all at the same time. Ingredients include Aloe, Green Tea, antioxidants, and skin tightening benefits.
Technician applied.

Prep for Spray Tan:
Please arrive with clean/dry skin, exfoliate your skin either day of or night before. Absolutely NO moisturizer or under-arm-deodorants should be applied to skin prior to tanning. Arrive in dark loose clothing. Come prepared for weather conditions, and covered from head to toe. Getting skin wet before processing time is up, will ruin tan.

Full Body Spray Tan 
Half Body Spray Tan 
Face Tan 
Mocha Express 
Violet Royal
Clear Coat
Caribbean Rapid
Caribbean Chocolate
Original Golden Tan 

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