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Facial Add-ons

(All add-on’s can be incorporated to any service that we provide)

facials add onsIntraceutical’s Atoxelene Expression Line Infusion
Using our Intraceutical’s Oxygen machine to infuse rejuvenating serum in fine lines and wrinkles around eyes and mouth. This treatment will add plumpness and hydration, resulting in firmer and smoother looking skin.

Cel.Lux Chroma-Dermy Light Treatment
Chroma-Dermy is the treatment of skin with visible light. This technology converts light into energy within the cells, similar to the way photosynthesis takes sunlight and turns it into food energy in plants. The apparatus of Chroma-Dermy is designed to prevent and treat different skin problems by stimulating cell regeneration. (No pain, no downtime after treatments).

Stem Cell Hydrating and Firming Mask
This Vegan & Natural face mask will help to relieve stress and revitalize your skin. Keeps your skin smooth and glowing.

Diamond Glow
Using specific serums to help treat skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, congested skin, dry skin, etc.,on the decollette and hands.
Eyes & Lips 
Using the smooth tip, the eye area and lips are infused with the Ultra Hydrating serum to add hydration, help with fine lines and wrinkles, and add plumpness to the skin.

Crystal & Diamond Head Microdermabrasion
Providing all of the benefits of Microdermabrasion while focusing on targeted areas.

Providing all of the benefits of the Sculptor Facial with highly concentrated masks allowing to focus on specific areas.
Eye Goggles 

Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
A pressure point and relaxing 10 minute massage can be added to any facial during the masking process. The use of essential oils to condition the scalp and hair, all while providing a relaxing experience.

Ear Candling
Ear candling offers a multitude of benefits ranging from removing excess wax and bacteria to helping relieve sore throats and treat sinus infections. This also helps to improve mental clarity and hearing.


Hair Restoration: A needle free alternative to PRP.

hair restoration

It contains redensyl to rejuvenate the scalp for healthy hair.  Capixyl which is clinically proven to create thicker, fuller & healthier hair.  Vitamin B derivatives & RootBioTec to stimulate & nourish the scalp. This combined with our high frequency, Celluma LED therapy & stimulating scalp massage will keep your scalp and hair at optimal health.